Are these party pills 100% legal?
Yes it is cent percent legal. You will be getting the same effects like drugs from the party pills but these are made only from natural non restricted herbal ingredients. Free of any legal barriers, the pills can be shipped anywhere in the world and are proven. We have been supplying pills for customers from UK, Australia, USA, France, Ireland, Canada, and 74 other countries.

Why would I use party pills?
Illegal drugs are harmful and banned. Unlike the habit forming illegal drugs, our party pills will emulate the same effects created by the illegal drugs and at the same time very legally.

Are there any concerns with this product?
If you are having any disease or illness, it is advisable to check with your doctor before using the pills. Hypericum is included in Neuro Blaster which might interfere with oral contraceptives and anti depressant medication. Start taking 1 party pill during first usage and stay hydrated. After1 hour, you will be bombarded with effects, the pills are supposed to give.

Can I have these pills with Alcohol?
These pills itself are very powerful, but if you like to have it with champagne or liquor, go have it. The effects of the pill will be enhanced when taken with Alcohol.

Are there any side effects or hangover for these pills?
Such things are very rare as these pills are well tolerated and cause no hangover. But for some people, it might cause insomnia, flushes, teeth grinding, nausea, headaches and paranoia. If this happens to you, consult a doctor and check if you can have these pills.

What’s in these party pills?
Only natural ingredients are included in the party pills. For centuries, these ingredients have been used in the herbal medicines. It was also used for recreational use so we can guarantee for the safety of using these pills. The name of all the ingredients and their amounts are printed on the bottle, so that customers can check when they purchase. For the production of pills, only finest extracts and botanicals are used.

How much time will it take to get this product shipped to me?
With 24 hrs, the orders are shipped worldwide. It will take just 6-12 days for shipping if you are from Zealand. The part pills will be send to you via courier ($40) or airmail ($15). New Zealand customers will receive the package, the next day after the order. We will make it fast to you as quick as possible.

Are these pills guaranteed?
We are so damn sure about our product that we are offering you a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee. This is also applicable to any number of unopened bottles. We also give our guarantee for a single bottle even if it is completely empty. You may return the pills within 60 days, if you think these are not the best legal highs you have tried. We find no problem in giving you a full refund.

How can I pay you?
Using your credit card, you may make your purchase super fast. Paypal, bank transfer and western union payment modes are also accepted. For payment instructions, feel free to contact us.